NeuroSim is a 3D environment simulator and editor, handling one too many bio-inspired AI agents. In this SIMCOG's software component, a user will be able to create many basics forms to build complex worlds and add virtual robots with artificial spiking neural networks as brain's controllers. NeuroSim offer a rich variety of tools to explore several topics of AI. Learning, environmental exploration, sensory processing integration and cooperation are just few domain's examples that may be investigate through the software.

The principal GUI is divided in 5 windows. A top main menu give the users the possibility to sets all parameters of the software. A drag and drop icons menu on the left gives the items fulfilling the central screen, which represents the 3D-World. An arborescent menu on the right side permits to easily access and retrieve all the add-on items. When clicking on these items, theirs properties and setting variables are accessible through a pop-up bottom menu which may also serves as a console board to follow all events within an on-going simulation.

Top main menu
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