On AI-Future
AI-Future is a R&D company in the AI field

The mission is to study the artificial general intelligence phenomenon.

The aim is to produce artificial agents, which could be embedded in various physical and virtual platforms of autonomous robots, exhibiting significant elements of the human cognition.
We follow the path of an incremental method based on bio-inspired paradigm, mimicking primary and universal behaviors of natural creatures.

In our approach, we first test the behavior or cognitive function model on simulated robots evolving in a virtual 3D-world prior to used different physical robots (i.e. Nao, Raspberry Pi, Khepera III, K-Team co. and Legomindstorm NXT and EV3, LEGO).

We focus on lower cognition phenomena as it could be retrieve in the flat worm, C. elegans and insects.

We currently put efforts on several description levels of the learning domain, which we believe is one important feature of intelligence.

To achieve these goals, we use three different components of the SIMCOG suite.

  NeuroCode:   3D spiking neural network and virtual robot editors
  NeuroSim:     3D-world simulator and editor
  NeuroData:    Real-time data visualization
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